You Will Get #MajorTravelGoals After Knowing What These Indians Did

Travelling is indeed a great way to relax and rewind yourself. Many people would like to travel world wide through out their life only if travelling was free.

Due to daily routine, people unfortunately miss bountiful of amazing landscapes and rich socio-cultural experiences that one gets to soak in as they travel.

Let us have a look at some note worthy journeys by Indians that will charge you up and give you major travel goals for sure :

  1. This couple traveled 41 countries in just 13 years. Unbelievable.

Sujoy Mitra and his wife Sharmistha, who are engineer by profession, are travel aficionados. They have traveled and covered around 401 nations and the best part about their travelling is that they do it on shoe string budget. From their deep research they have cracked super deals and they make sure they always find cheapest ways to travel.


For example, they once enjoyed a very envious deal. They booked a flight to Switzerland at throw away price of of Rs 3100. The couple in an interview revealed how they had spent around 3000 hours to hunt the deal.

“We had a limitation of budget and a passion to travel so the only way we could make this happen was by creating insight, doing in-depth research and most importantly optimal utilization of hotel, credit card and airlines points.”

After reading their travel tale of course you too would have been motivated to get off from your daily routine and travel across different nations. Don’t you?


  1. 17 countries. 95 days. 23800 km. Here’s another incredible expedition which will leave you in speechless.

Three women from different walks of life went on an adventurous road trip from Delhi to London. Yes you read it right, Rashmi Koppar, Dr Soumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari flagged off their journey from Delhi and via China, Kygyztan , Uzbekistan, France  and several other nations they reached their main destination London.


This drive of a lifetime was conceptualized by Nidhi. All three took a sabbatical from their career to fulfill their child hood dream.They used Mahindra’s Scorpio and the trip was sponsored by many entities. We simply cannot stop admiring these travelers, indeed they created great awareness on women empowerment by this jaunt.


  1. Kashmir To Kanyakumari; Here’s another women trio who defied all the odds and went for 5000 km long drive.

Sunita Dugar, an entrepreneur and candid photographer, Parneet Sandhu, an employee of a U.S.-based company and Neetha Jegan, who works as a manager, planned to have a road trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.


They started their blissful drive on 8 August and reached Srinagar by 14 August. ” We want to spread the message that with proper planning, it is completely safe for women to take a trip on their own,” said Sunita. No doubt they had an epic trip to cherish lifetime.


   4.  This Family of Four Drove from Bangalore to Paris Across 11 Countries in 111 Days

This Baid family created a record of travelling to so many nations in matter of few days. They kick started their journey from India and went on to cover several nations like Nepal, China, Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey and ended at France. Their route was broadly on the basis of ancient silk route. Can you imagine your self behind the wheels for such long time? Hats off to their feat.


This family is so lucky; they trudged through the best scenes that nature has to offer. Unfortunately they were stuck in Nepal for few days as earth quake had hit the country that time but the incident didn’t dampen their spirits.


Would you too like to set such drives of life time in near future? Let us know your views and travel experiences in comments below.



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You Will Get #MajorTravelGoals After Knowing What These Indians Did

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